updates and announcements

  • september 22

    because of a deep commitment to our community, brown has not laid off or furloughed any regular brown employees due to covid-19-related budget cuts. to help preserve jobs, brown will temporarily reduce contributions to its retirement plans. as of nov. 1, brown will reduce its contribution to most employee plans to 2% for a planned period of 12 months. retirement plans that are collectively bargained (i.e. subject to union contracts) will not be impacted at this time. click here to read the full letter regarding several steps brown is taking to address the unprecedented financial challenges created by the covid-19 pandemic.

  • september 16

    to assist brown faculty and staff in protecting their own health, and doing their part to protect community health during the covid-19 pandemic, university human resources will provide a series of flu shot clinics in the coming weeks for employees working regularly on campus. click here for more information.