certificate programs

at the warren alpert medical school, aspiring physicians can complete a one-year certificate in medical science to enhance credentials for acceptance into medical school or other health education professional programs.

custom programs for organizations

brown faculty and staff work collaboratively with a company’s leadership to design a program to develop talent, advance corporate goals and address organizational challenges.

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pre-college programs

each summer, secondary students from across the globe choose brown university pre-college programs to experience the challenge of college-level life and learning.

the wide array of academic program offerings, both on the brown campus and through location-based programs in the u.s. and abroad, are designed to reflect the university’s wide-reaching curriculum. each brings together students who share a common intellectual interest — and invites them into a community of learners where they will find an exceptionally diverse array of intellectual passions among their peers.

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no-cost, no-credit online courses

with courses on topics ranging from the intersection of art and medicine to mass surveillance to the ethics of memory, brown offers no-cost, no-credit online programs that bring the university’s distinctive approach to learners across the globe.

launched in partnership with edx, the university’s brownx initiative showcases the best of brown through massive open online courses (moocs) accessible on a global scale to a wide variety of learners.